New Android Malware Can Access Your Photos, Browsing History and WhatsApp Data

ZDnet has recently reported about the discovery of spyware from a name called “OwnMe”. Now question is where is has appeared? It has been noticed on Github. This spyware features a MainActivity.class which further triggers or initiates a very new service which is known as OwnMe.class and it targets all the Android users by showing a popup Service started.

To maintain their discreet identity, the operators of malware do not usually open a popup when it starts threatening the system. This hints that spyware is still in developing stage.

Spyware only establish its function with the server when function starts and service is being called upon. Another things which is required for the establishing a connection with spyware is the requirement of internet, without internet connection it fails to perform its work.

Now the most important part is that where does it spies? On photos? Contacts or where? Here it can alarm you that it is not restricted to one area. It spies on contacts and can grab the information of all the contacts stored in mobile phone. Along with this, it can have all the information related to your browsing history, pictures, screenshots, and WhatsApp conversations. In short this virus can have a look at each and every app in your mobile phone once it enters.

Here is a time to get relief because the spyware is still in its developing phase and it can take time to get active completely. Until then researchers can find out a solution to prevent this virus from entering and spreading into the devices which are Android.

“OwnMe” Android Spyware Can Access Your WhatsApp Texts, Call Logs, Browsing History
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