11 Most Important Modern Marketing Skills for 2018 (infographic)

Marketing has always been something that businesses need in order to get their products to the widest audience possible. One aspect of marketing that has remained constant over the years is how much it tends to change. This should be an intuitive aspect of marketing overall, but the fact of the matter is that most people just don’t take this aspect of marketing seriously, assuming that it the techniques they use are going to adequately allow them to market to the world.

The most powerful market in the world right now is the Gen Z market. They may be young, but they have access to a lot of money which means that marketing to them can significantly boost sales. Hence, if you are an upwardly mobile marketing professional it is essential that you try and look into the various ways in which you can capture the attention of Gen Z consumers. The infographic provided below can help give you the lowdown on how the Gen Z market works, as well as what kinds of marketing they react most positively to.

This infographic highlights 11 modern marketing skills that business innovators should master

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