Reaching Generation Z: The Future of Marketing - #infographic

Reaching Generation Z: The Future of Marketing - #infographic

Millennials (born 1976-1994) have enjoyed their recent time in the spotlight, as digital marketers evolved to reach the most researched generation in history. But it's time to get to know the next generation of buyers: Generation Z (born between the mid-90s and 2010). They might not be buying yours products yet, but their consumption patterns and behaviors will soon inspire big changes in your marketing strategy.

Generation Z knows the ins and outs of the internet, shops online, and is ambitious about work. Your future business depends on understanding how to market to them. Get ahead of the curve, and meet Generation Z.

Some key stats from visual:
The average Americans attention span is short (i.e 8 seconds), and Gen Z in no exception. Accustomed to auto-correct and emoticons, Gen Z prefers visuals to text.

Gen Z prefers incognito media platforms (Snapchat, Secret, Whisper). 25 percent of 13-17 years olds left Facebook in 2014.

infographic courtesy of Marketo.

How to market to young audience
Top photo credit: Marcus Kwan.
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