UL Caught Huawei Messing With The Rules During Benchmark Testing

Huawei smartphones were found to lack significantly in performance when they were tested under a blind exam by the benchmark apps. The models that were found to be trying to fool the system and failing at it were P20, P20 Pro, Nova 3 and Honor Play.

When tested under the benchmark app that wasn’t recognized by the phone’s operating system, they showed slower and less efficient performance, ending in the dethroning of the company from its status of “Best Smartphones” by UL, the company which developed the benchmark app, 3DMark.

This discovery was made by AnandTech. UL confirmed these findings they declared these models not worthy to make it into their listings, saying “After testing the devices in our own lab and confirming that they breach our rules, we have decided to delist the affected models and remove them from our performance rankings,”.

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However, strictly speaking, Huawei has not committed a crime, as the rules for the company are not crystal clear. The phones have this liberty to adjust their performance depending on their workload. Meaning, that the decreased efficiency could be traced back to increased workload and it, seemingly, will not be the company’s fault.

The peaks are seen during the known benchmark apps’ test and the subsequent troughs for the unknown, unlabeled benchmark apps, were blamed on Al by Huawei, saying that Al was the one that decided for those peaks. This proves that these phones are not as smart as rumored to be.

In 2013, Samsung was caught messing with the rules as well. So it's not the first time that this happened.

These benchmark tests do not mean much when it comes to the overall performance of the device, ironically.

Huawei caught cheating performance test for new smartphones

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