Facebook and Messenger Stories Ad – Coming Soon!

Following the announcement of Facebook Stories ads, the leading social media platform also confirmed that businesses could also use the same feature to promote their products and services. Additionally, Messenger Stories, previously called the “Messenger Day” will also be making a comeback soon.

The company’s official website explains that their latest offering will carry over all the objectives from the Instagram Stories Ad including brand awareness, app install, views, traffic, lead generation, and conversion. The Stories Ad feature will also fully support Facebook’s targeting and measurement system.

And although, the news of the merger between Facebook and Messenger Stories Ad was confirmed in November – the ad placement for both will be separate.

Additionally, the social network collaborated with the research firm Ipsos and published a few stats on the potential of Stories Ad that revealed:

· 68% of respondents agree to use stories on at least three apps regularly

· 63% plan to use the stories feature more in the future

· 38% of individuals surveyed said that they talk to friends/family/colleague regarding a product they see on stories

· While 34% claimed to visit the brick and mortar location to check the product out physically

TechCrunch also has the scoop on the Stories Ad feature and claims that new holiday themes including improved music filters are also in the works.

At the F8 Conference earlier this year, Mark Zuckerberg also made a mention of the Stories Ad and indicated that the same will surpass the News Feed and become more of mainstream communication medium.

However, the current usage for Facebook Stories is still low. In fact, it sees 300 million daily active users, which is quite low compared to the 3.5 billion active Facebook users. Simply put, a mere 10% of users check stories on Facebook and Messenger despite their prominent placement on the dashboard.

The new feature is expected to come in July. Let’s wait and watch if the Stories are the future of communication for the leading social media network.

Facebook and Messenger Stories Ad – Coming Soon!
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