Apple certainly plans to rob you this year

The new Apple devices launched this year, iPhone XS and XS Max, are all but cheap. With the prices going as high as $1,449 for the iPhone XS Max, people have tried to figure out how much it actually costs to manufacture this model. Surprisingly, it cost about $1,000 less than its selling price!

Sources show that the most expensive component that went into the iPhone was in its display; the screen was about $80. This most certainly means they paid Samsung an extra $3 for the 6.5-inch display, compared to the $77 price of the 5.8-inch OLED display screen locked inside the iPhone X. Then came the smartphone’s processor and modem that were also more expensive than Apple’s last year’s model.

According to a comparison done between the iPhone X and the XS Max, the difference between the total manufacturing price was estimated to be just $48. Also according to the stats, it costs Apple less than $20 to increase memory from 64GB to 256GB, and the same difference is expected between the 256GB model and the 512GB.

Considering this, people will spend $200 to get a phone with more memory when in reality, it only costs the manufacturers less than 20 dollars.

Apple has made memory storage into a profit and it is reported to be gaining a profit of $134 per every unit sold of the 512GB model.

Apple certainly plans to rob you this year
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