After Instagram and Facebook, YouTube Also Duplicates Snapchat's Story Format

The highly popular format of “Stories” that Snapchat introduced has been a major update for some of the biggest social media forums. From Instagram to Facebook, all seem to be in a haste to copy this feature without even making any significant changes to it. Now, its time for YouTube to jump on the bandwagon of “Stories” as its new update rolls out.

The video streaming biggie seems to follow in the footsteps of its sister social media platforms in this regard and now you will be able to appreciate this feature on YouTube as well. They seem almost identical to that of Instagram, as mentioned before, these sites don’t even bother to change much of this feature while copying it.

The stories will have a red ring surrounding them while new.

Not all channels have this feature in full go as of yet though, so it seems to be in its initial phases. However, some creators can actually appreciate this feature added to their channel and can, therefore, avail this not-so-new but the new feature on your mundane YouTube channel!

YouTube Testing Stories Feature Like Facebook and Snapchat

H/T: AndroidPolice.
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