You Can Now Report Bad/Negative Predictions Made by Google and YouTube

We are no strangers to YouTube and Google constantly trying to predict our search, while we are at typing it in their search bars. While they may be quite useful most of the times, sometimes, the predictions just cross a line or too, and violate the Google's autocomplete policies. The terms are stated as follows:
  1. Sexually explicit predictions
  2. Hateful predictions against a certain group/community
  3. Violent predictions
  4. Dangerous and harmful activity suggestions
If you come across such suggestions, you can report them by clicking at "Report search predictions" feature in the search bar, and help make Google and YouTube healthier platforms.

When you search a keyword on, its search algorithm tries to predict your search query. If you think a prediction violates one of the Autocomplete policies, you can report it by clicking "Report search predictions" feature.
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