Twitter's Reluctance To Remove The Unsettling Content From The Platform

Twitter's Reluctance To Remove The Misinformation From The PlatformTwitter has succumbed to the scandalous rumors about the platform and the CEO has accepted that Twitter indeed hosts an unfriendly environment.

After its efforts to make the platform more harmonious, there hasn’t been much appreciative that went down. Twitter still has some individuals who would not let go of their malicious ways, no matter what.

The Chief Executive, Jack Dorsey, in an interview to CNN, clarified their stance in cleaning up the mess on their forum, removing individuals that are causing the problems, and the fact that the company is making continuous efforts towards solving the matter.

He hasn’t yet put forward the outline of their policy regarding making this improvement but there is a consideration to change the parts of the functionality of that will restrict the progression of harassment, fake news and hate speech.

However, there was a reluctance to outright get rid of the false reports as he said that it can become “dangerous” for the employees of the company to become “arbiters of truth.”

On the matters of Alex Jones and InfoWars, and how the accounts weren’t removed despite the huge demand, the CEO explained that Twitter lacks the resources to go through the huge amount of content to act on that matter for now.

This sort of behavior can be a problem for the company when there are peers like Facebook that have been working tirelessly to remove any scandalous data, including fake news, from the platform.

Twitter seemed unwilling to take the necessary steps to make the platform safer, which could lead to a further decline in their popularity.

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