Inspiration Hacks: How Creative Geniuses Get New Ideas

No matter what your profession or passion is, there have probably been many moments here and there where you have been confronted with a creative block. Whether you are a designer looking for inspiration, a journalist trying to figure out what to inform the world on or a teacher that wants to give their kids something meaningful in their lives, sometimes ideas are just hard to come by, and this can make you feel like you are no longer cut out for the job that you are currently doing. However, if you are going through an idea drought, worry not! Some of the greatest creative geniuses in history have gone through the same. Suffice it to say that writer’s block is just part of the creative process!

The infographic below describes how history’s creative geniuses dealt with their creative blocks. From the quirky methods of Salvador Dali to the maniacal obsessiveness of Balzac, this infographic gives you a unique look into the creative process of true masterminds of their artforms. While you don’t necessarily have to achieve this level of eccentricity in order to achieve your goal of getting new ideas, it certainly helps to know what the great’s did in their own respective eras, and it is also very comforting to know that even geniuses ran out of ideas every now and again.

Unusual Inspiration: Here's how some successful and creative people got their ideas

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