Datally, A Google's App, Offers New Data Management Features

Datally, a data managing app by Google has been given two very useful updates. One of the two is emergency bank, it allows you to set a minimal amount of data that should not be used. You just have to enter the amount, and once your data drops to that number, this feature will prohibit the apps from further using it. This data will be available when you need it the most.

The other one is Bedtime mode. This prevents your phone to use data while you sleep at night. A blog post by Google said that the data being used over night by the apps goes to waste and that this feature can help you conserve that precious data. You just have to enter your bedtime and the time that you wake up and in those hours, your data will not be wasted.

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These updates will help in keeping the data use in check. Google also introduced a guest mode that will eliminate the apps that were not that often used and a map of WiFi network. Emergency bank and Bedtime mode have been rolled out and are available for use.

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