Twitter's Crackdown On Abusive Account Holders On Periscope

Abusers and violent people will soon have even less scope of staying on Periscope, a Twitter platform where people chat with one another. The company is soon to update the forum into such that the users will be able to remove the people that end up making others uncomfortable. A set of tools will be provided for the people that violate the guidelines provided by Periscope. (

Currently, only the chat moderators are allowed to remove the disturbing people from a chat room, which leaves the loophole of them being able to go about and harass others on other chat rooms. This update, however, will not depend solely on the algorithms or its staff but will give the people an authority to remove those who violate the guidelines.

Twitter will go as far as removing the accounts permanently that are a source of harassment or abuse for others.

This update and its new sets of rules will be effective starting from August 10. When abusers will no longer find slits to slip through.

This announcement got mixed reviews from the users though. Some are of the view that this will give people an unreasonable amount of power to the people who merely want an account removed for personal reasons. The fact that this law against abuse can be abused itself.

The majority has appreciated the efforts and says that it will most definitely help in making the platform a positive one without any hate speech.

Twitter will suspend repeat offenders posting abusive comments on Periscope live streams
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