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Latest global 'Digital in 2018' report from Hootsuite and We Are Social reveals 81% of the world's internet users are active on social media - infographic
  • Latest global 'Digital in 2018' report from Hootsuite and We Are Social reveals 81% of the world's internet users are active on social media.
  • World's internet users pass the 4.1 billion mark.
  • More than 5 billion people access the internet via mobile devices.
  • Almost 10 in 8 internet users searched online for a product or service to buy.

The internet took the world by storm after its emergence in the latter part of the 20th century. Lately, with services getting better, the consumers have grown exponentially and how over half of the world’s population is acquainted with this global phenomenon.

The statistics of the latest internet services provided and received have some big numbers at play in terms of the population and their involvement in this invention.

Expansion of the digital world:

Out of the total of 7.636 billion people, around 4.11 billion (a whopping 54% of the total) uses the internet. Of those, around 3.35 billion are active social media users that make up about 44%.

Not merely that, but the already popular social media has been growing furthermore at surprising rates. In general, the internet users increased by over 8%, that makes up a total of well over 300 million people. Social media got over 11% more active users in a year between July 2017 and July 2018. The social media users on mobile assumed a similar growth rate pattern (+11%) and over 316 million joined the category in this one year.

Web traffic distribution in terms of devices:

Different devices host the services of the internet. Those include desktops or laptops, mobile, tablets, and others. The trends of the use of these devices have been shifting and during the following year, the use of internet via desktops has risen by 3% while it dropped for mobile (by 1%) and for the tablets (by 19%). However, the population that uses mobile devices as a means to access the internet, still remains above all at 52.5% of the total usage, followed by 43% who favor desktop and laptops. Tablets are still pretty low at about 3.8%.

It seems as though people go for mobile phones when they want to browse for something quick and brief, but if it comes to detailed search over a matter, desktops and laptops still are the first choices.

Website ranking globally, by Alexa:

While globally ranking the websites and their usage, Google still dominates the statistics only followed by YouTube which ranks at 2nd after replacing Facebook for the position.

Amazon climbs up to the number 14 and may keep going forward in the near future.

Past month’s e-commerce activities:

With a surge in the internet users, online shopping trends have also grown to tremendous numbers. Online retail stores are at the top with 92% of the consumers opting for them. About 83% have opted the internet services to shop for different products and services.

It’s also a major hub for people looking for comparing the process of different products and services and about 54% of the users observe this act.

The number of buyers doesn’t fall shy of the number of people who visit these sites, standing at about 75% of the visitors are mostly serious buyers.

About 46% of people follow and visit auction sites as well.

Google search queries:

Searches about Facebook come at the top followed by YouTube, preceding those of Google. News and weather are after these.

The searches regarding the FIFA World Cup in wake of the recent tournament have been on a rise also.

Social media usage:

Social media is a prime faction of the digital world with a huge consumer base of 3.356 million people. 44% of the population is active users.

Of those, the number that uses social media via mobile are 3.096 billion making a total of 40% of the population.

About 2.19 billion people use Facebook, 1.9 billion YouTube, 1.5 billion Whatsapp, Facebook Messenger is used by 1.3 billion, Wechat by 1.04 billion and Instagram 1 billion users.

Most “liked” and “followed” accounts on Facebook and Instagram:

Entertainment and sports are the most popular subjects on the social media so naturally, some of the pages by athletes and singers/actors are the most popular accounts followed and liked on Instagram and Facebook respectively.

Christiano Ronaldo rules the number by having a total of 122,890,000 fans to the count. Shakira and Vin Disel rank at 4th and 5th with 102,860,000 and 99,640,000 fans on Facebook respectively.

Other Facebook popular celebrities include Messi, Eminem, Rhianna, Mr. Bean, Justin Beiber and so on.

Ironically, most followed Instagram account is of Instagram with 243,030,000 followers. Selena Gomez, Christiano Ronaldo, Ariana Grande and Beyonce make the top 5 with over 115,000,000 followers each.

Mobile users and mobile connections:

A total of 5.08 billion people use the internet via mobile phone. This makes up about 67% of the total population. However, about 8.75 billion people are recorded to have active internet connections, which makes up of 115% of the total human population.

The total of 3.4GB is used by an average smartphone user worldwide.

These huge statistics are nowhere near their climax as the world keeps getting better and more internet-acquainted with the passage of time.

Digital in 2018: World's internet users pass the 4.1 billion mark - #infographic
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