How to Get That Marketing Job? - #infographic

What to do to land on a creative job? What area should one focus on when applying for a job which is inventive in nature? A recent research by The Creative Group has the right answers for you!

It was found during the research that employers generally prefer applicants with resumes which are presented in a traditional format. Other formats, such as social/online, infographic or video based are less appreciated. Also, while focusing on skills for potential skill tests might be good, but it is not something most of the companies go for. In fact, a very small percentage of employers actually opt for this. Actually, it is the interview which is considered to be the most important thing in a person's application. How an interview goes can easily influence all other side factors. Next to that is the quality and content of the resume. And the thing which is the least bothered out of all these is the previous experience of the candidate.

So, if you are willing to apply for a certain marketing position, make sure you brush up your conversational skills for the dialogue with your potential employer and work hard to build that resume up!

Landing a Marketing Job: What Matters to Hiring Managers [Infographic]
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