Owning Apple Products Means You're Likely Rich!

A recent study conducted and published by the economists at the University of Chicago proves that owning Apple products, specifically iPhone and iPad, was a strongly indicative of people's financial status. It was estimated that 69 percent of the time, accurately predicting the economic class, of the product user, was possible. They reflected that no other product has ever had this reputation before. There were a few products, like Land 'O Lakes butter, which suggested high-income in earlier times; but, the indication was never this strong. Moreover, the researchers wrote that the people who actually owned Apple products were more likely to be "top quartile of income for households of that type", like the primary earner. This is understandable, since Apple iPhones are priced several times more than respective Android smartphones.

Using data produced by Mediamark Research Intelligence, which used 6,394 volunteers as the sample pool, they reached to the aforementioned conclusion. The researchers were also able to chart out the list of other products and magazines high-income households would prefer to read.

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