The Most Hated YouTube Videos of All Times (2018)

The 7 Most Hated YouTube Videos in Internet HistoryYouTube was a revolutionary social medium. When founded back in 2005, it was a platform one of its kind. By allowing people to speak their hearts out in the form of videos, it provided them with a strange sense of independence. Soon enough, it was identified as a place where freedom of speech was efficiently exercised. But over the years, this freedom of expression was not left limited to those who posted on the domain. Instead, this right was extended to the viewers as well who, in the form of likes, dislikes and comments, could express their views about the content uploaded. The dislike button is the most interesting and the most intriguing one. A dislike does not just mean not liking the video, but it could also be an expression of hatred, of disgust, or of even ridicule. While normally content is not disliked a lot, there are still some videos which have heavily received this reaction. Following is a list of the most infamous material on YouTube:

1. Baby, by Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber is one of the talents discovered by music producers. After watching him sing for a YouTube video, a talent manager signed him up, and launched him. He was an immediate hit. However, over the years, his public image was left in shackles. While there are still diehard fans that follow and love him, the internet cannot just bear him. Taking out their frustration on one of his first songs, Baby, and by making it the most disliked video on the platform. While, on average, the number of dislikes on his video was always greater than the likes, for some time in 2018, the likes did outnumber the other. However, users shortly took note of it and balanced the dislikes again! With 1.9 billion views and 9.1 million dislikes, it is definitely the most unpopular material on the domain.

2. Infinite Warfare, Call of Duty

Seems like gamers are not very happy about the direction this game is taking. It also seems like messing with hard-core gamers isn’t the best idea after all. Call of Duty has been loved worldwide for the realistic approach it has. While other similar games are generally based on hyperrealism, they are not met with the same enthusiasm with which this particular game is. But when the franchise released its trailer for the upcoming edition of the game, the fans were left disappointed. Infinite Warfare took the same exaggerated turn with drones and space battles. The triggered followers attacked the dislike button around 3.73 million times, making it YouTube’s second most detested video. However, Tech Times regards this huge number of thumbs-down to be of great suspicion, and considers that there is something fishy about the stats. Dubious or not, Infinite Warfare is still in the top list of most despised contents on YouTube!

3. It's Everyday Bro, Jake Paul

This is yet another music video subjected to online hate. The song features Paul and a few of his friends (apparently) rapping and dancing around in different locations, with expensive cars set as backgrounds. There are many reasons behind those 3.70 million thumbs-downs, including amateur rapping and poor lyrics. The song basically revolves around a rich boy bragging about the accessories he owns, and this is probably why it did not go well down with the audience.

4. Can This Video Get 1 million Dislikes, PewDiePie

This video is basically its creator begging for dislikes, and doing a lot of underwhelming things to earn them. The content did get those thumbs-downs — in fact, much more than what were asked for. Currently standing at 3.4 million, it has made it to the top 4 most disliked videos ever uploaded on the said domain.

5. Despacito, Luis Fonsi

While it may seem that this catchy, Grammy nominated song, which topped the charts past summer, could not be despised by many, it is not the case. Viewers could not understand the reason behind the 3.33 million dislikes; but, they tend to attribute them to the simplicity of tunes (read: easy) and the fact that it got famous because of Justin Bieber. Whatever the case may be, despite the dislikes, the video topped billboards and charts, and garnered much more love than hate.

6. Friday, Rebecca Black

This seemingly harmless song made its round on the internet a few years ago. No doubt the music video was amateurish, with singer’s voice patched with auto-tune, and lyrics written poorly, but was it bad enough to deserve 3.22 million dislikes? Apparently yes. Black was met with enormous hate and ridicule over this, so much to the extent that she was left devastated. 

7. How It Is, BibisBeautyPalace

Mediocre singing, autotune patches, unrealistic presentation of a woman renovating her house, average lyrics are held accountable for the 2.81 million dislikes. But this is not all. As it is often complained that this beauty YouTuber manipulates her young fans into buying her over priced music CDs, it may also be said that people took their rages out on the dislike button.

This list is based on YouTube charts.
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