20 Essential Video Marketing Facts and Stats to Prepare Your Business for 2018 and Beyond (Infographic)

Video marketing is the strategy of the contemporary world. Gone are the days when mere pamphlets and posters were enough to garner the attentions of various audience. Today everyone wants something according to their taste.

Internet users, especially those associated with some social media platforms, spend large amounts of their online time on videos.

People also tend to share videos more than they share other forms of media. Moreover, statistics reveal that there is a demand for instructional videos from businesses, regarding their products.

Now that it has been established that video content is appreciated more, it also shall be understood how this is favorable for marketers. Studies show that people who leveraged videos to advertise their services not only produced more traffic on their websites as a result, but also generated higher revenues as well.

Take a look at this infographic from Offeo for some more insights on video marketing.

Video is becoming more and more popular in terms of creating content useful for engaging with customers and driving leads to businesses. Below compiled is the list of video marketing statistics in the upcoming year and how to fully leverage on using videos in this digital age.
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