6 Reasons Why Snapchat is Still Relevant in 2018

Snapchat came along in 2011 and changed the way social networks work. In 2016, Snapchat surpassed Twitter in terms of daily users. The messaging app gives you option to send and receive photos and videos. It deletes any message, video or photo after a few seconds. Every social media network has a lifespan. But for now, I believe there isn’t a more relevant social app than Snapchat. If it continues to surprise its users with one of a kind features and useful updates, it may not see an end for years to come. For now, here are 6 reasons why Snapchat is still relevant in 2018 and could have a permanent spot in our smart devices.

1. Snap Maps

When Snapchat released “Snap Maps” feature in 2017, nobody expected that an ordinary geotagging feature could be that interesting. Snapchat integrated this feature into user’s Bitmoji and made the Snap Map and Bitmoji world come to life. Snapchat has rolled out updates to make the maps show real-time weather. It will also feature themed maps customized to represent different holidays and events in different geographical locations. You will also get a burst of confetti on your birthday. To join the fun, read about how to link your Bitmoji to Snapchat.

2. Ephemeral Privacy

Snapchat brought to light the concept of “Ephemeral Content”. This means all the user data on Snapchat is temporary and lasts only a short while. They ensure to collect and retain minimal amount of data. Of course, it is hard to catch your spouse if he/she is cheating on Snapchat. For this purpose, you can install an anti snapchat cheating software.

3. Snapchat Stories

Snapchat introduced the original concept of “stories”. This was a new and interesting way to let friends know what you were up to. A story was basically a compilation of photos and videos, all together, that were viewable for 24 hours unless they expired or you deleted them. Judging by the need to implement this idea by leading social networks such as Facebook and Instagram shows how fond people are of this feature. This is something that makes Snapchat relevant to most advanced social platforms.

4. Filters and Stickers

Even though Instagram started the filter trend, Snapchat upgraded and took it to another level. Using interactive filters, they managed to make an entire generation and more to come, stick their tongues out at their phones and switch faces with friends and relatives by using in-app “filters”. Snapchat has since come up with newer and trendier versions of this beloved feature with constant updates. Snapchat definitely has more to come.

5. Snapchat Discover

Staying up to date with news, trends and current happenings around the world has never been easier. All you have to do is swipe right from the camera screen and you have the entire world in your palm. It is a great and effective way for creators and entrepreneurs to spread the word.

6. Snap Kit

Snapchat proudly and very recently introduced a kit for developers known as “Snap Kit”. This features 4 elements namely Creative Kit, Login Kit, Bitmoji Kit and Story Kit. Snap Kit enables developers to integrate some of the Snapchat features into their apps, allowing the developer’s community to use these features to connect with fellow snapchatters. Snapchat is allowing the world to connect in a way they never could before.

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