Translation Tool for Messenger Users!

Good news for Messenger users: now they will not have to worry about communicating with people due to language barriers! According to CNET, Facebook has recently announced that it will be facilitating Messenger users, in the United States and Mexico, with an automatic translation tool. Initially it would have the capability of translating between English and Spanish only. CNET also reported that Facebook plans to extend this feature to other countries, and also include other languages.

For now, the users have to generally rely on translation apps or services such as Google Translate to convert text into desired languages. While useful, these applications fail to provide audience with ease and do not do much to reduce effort. On the other hand, this new feature would ask the users once if they want the incoming messages to be translated. If the response is recorded as positive, the Messenger would automatically translate all subsequent messages into the selected language. To avoid confusion, the original message would be displayed with the altered one.

It appears that the success of the translation tool, which was introduced in April at the Facebook marketplace only, has led to the development of this software at the domain of Messenger. When this facility would be made available is unclear as of now, but it sure would help a lot of users.

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