7 Gestures To Give Your Sales Pitch Authority

If you’re an entrepreneur, you’ll know the importance of salesmanship. But that doesn’t necessarily mean you’re good at it. Not everybody goes into business because they’re great at making that pitch – many decide to do so because they’re passionate about their idea or the work behind the scenes.

One of the toughest parts of selling is to be confident without being salesy. Too pushy or showy, and you’ll make your lead defensive; too shy and equitable, and you’ll look like you lack faith in your product.

Thankfully, there’s a middle way. When you give the appearance of being honest, knowledgeable, and passionate about your product, you don’t really have to sell it at all. The customer simply becomes convinced that it is the solution to their problem.

So how to create that sense of confidence? Body language. There are many different elements of your body language you can adjust, from posture to facial expression. But a particularly subtle and effective method is to use your hand gestures.

You won’t raise suspicion, because everybody talks with their hands anyway, right? But if you put a bit more care into what you do with them, you can send secret messages that put your pitch in a positive context.

The people at PoundPlace have created a great new infographic to demonstrate how to do this. Let’s take a look at the seven attention-grabbing gestures that they reckon will get people to listen to you.

“I’m certain”

If you look like you’re in any doubt as to whether your product is truly the right solution for your lead, they’re not going to want to take that gamble. The opposite to doubt is certainty. When you look certain about what you’re saying, your confidence will rub off on the other guy.

To achieve this, simply expose the tops of your palms as if you were leaning on an imaginary desk. This way you will convey assertiveness and certainty in the value of what you’re selling.

“I’m being open”

People distrust salespersons almost as much as they distrust politicians. And nobody wants to give their money to someone they don’t trust.

But you can send a subliminal sign that you are being honest by holding your palms open as you talk. Deep down, we associate this gesture with the absence of weapons. If you’re being open about your thoughts, reinforce it by using this gesture.

“I’m confident in myself”

Again, it comes back to folk not trusting salespersons. If you come across as a professional shill, you will not inspire trust. But if you come across as an expert in your particular area, who’s just trying to help – then you’re on to something.

Holding your hands in a steeple shape while you say something smart about your client’s problem will make you seem confident in your knowledge of the sector. Nothing says “I’m a genius!” like the steeple.

“I have a big idea”

Sometimes smart doesn’t win it. Some customers prefer big.

If you’ve got a product or service that will sledgehammer your client’s problem into the ground, let them know this. You don’t have to mime using an actual sledgehammer, but holding your arms aloft as though offering a fattened sheep can create the same impact.

Use it when you describe the moment of breakthrough that your product will catalyze.

“This is the way it is”

It’s possible to be too assertive when selling. The customer is always right, after all. But when you’re describing the known, practical benefits of your service, there’s no need to hold back. Using a calm but sure chopping motion with your hand will underline your important points if used sparingly.

“I mean it from the bottom of my heart”

There comes a point in every pitch when you need to make it personal. Without getting mawkish, holding your hand to your heart shows your lead that you care. It’s the ultimate gesture that what you’re saying comes from deep within, and not from your sales script. And it can win you instant trust.

Finger counting

Folks like to believe they’re getting value for their money. Tell them the benefits of your product in one fat speech, and they’ll perceive it as a smudgy globule of positivity. But list the benefits on the fingers of you hand, and they’ll watch the multiple reasons for buying pile up before them. It’s hard to argue with five (count’em) clear reasons to buy.

So next time you’re meeting a client, limber up and get ready to gesture!
7 Hand Gestures Guaranteed To Get People To Listen To You - #infographic
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