Facebook Will Soon Monitor Your Time

Facebook will soon become the socializing inspector and will let you know the time you spend on it via its latest update. An undisclosed tool inside the code for the app, namely, “Your Time on Facebook” tells the average time per day that you are using this app for. Along with the daily monitoring, it also shows the time you spend on it per week.

Facebook has concurred with the statement that it is developing the feature further. In the words of a spokesperson, “We are always working on the ways to help make sure that people’s time on Facebook is well spent.” However, the exact timing of this feature’s arrival for Android and other platforms is still uncertain.

With this update in progress, Facebook now is a tech company ahead of everyone else, to initiate the work on such a tool that informs its users of the amount of time they are availing this service. At the I/O conference in May, several features were introduced by Google for Android and YouTube to aid with the management of their time spent on the services. After a month, similar features for iOS were introduced by Apple for assistance in the monitoring of the time spent by the users and their children. (If those tools are helping or just hindering the consumers, is another issue.)

Its different for device makers to monitor the shift in public opinion (or that of investors) and aid the users to preserve from overdosing on technology, from that of a service like Facebook, which requires people to use it more and click on the ads. Still,

its Q4 2017 report in January depicts that the time spent on Facebook has decreased as compared to the previous years, but the money that its making is more than ever.

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