7 Facts About Subtitles And How They Boost Video Shares By 15% [Infographic]

You’ve recorded your awesome video content and done everything you can to promote it. Shared it on social media. Optimized the title and description. Promoted it across online communities. But the results still fall short. You’re not getting the views that you’re hoping for.

What did you do wrong?

While great video content is always the first step, there’s another one you may have missed:

Adding subtitles.

Captioning your videos can have a big effect on how successful they are. This is true for movies, TV shows, social media videos, training content, and any other kind of video you might record and share.

Fact: 85 percent of Facebook videos are watched on mute.

Why are subtitles so important? You might be surprised. This infographic from Uscreen outlines seven facts and reasons you should add subtitles to your video, then talk a bit about how to do it.
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