What You Need to Know About Marketing to Dads

Are you looking for a way to strengthen your marketing efforts? If so, don’t forget to consider dads. Because many marketers have developed ad campaigns based on inaccurate, clichéd notions about fatherhood, today’s dads often feel disconnected from brands. They believe that most advertisers don’t understand their roles—and businesses often don’t know how to reach them effectively.

So, what should marketers know when promoting products and services to dads? The team at MDG Advertising has provided many answers in its new infographic, 5 Things Every Brand Needs to Know About Marketing to Dads. It features need-to-know facts from recent research, providing insight into how dads really feel when it comes to how they’re shown in advertising, their roles as parents, and their purchasing choices.

It’s important to remember that modern dads take fatherhood very seriously—94 percent consider fatherhood an important part of who they are, and many consider parenting their most important job. Their commitment to family often influences buying decisions, with many dads switching brands after becoming parents. Plus, today’s busy dads often seek easy-to-find, quick information through the Internet and smartphones. Video content is popular among dads, who look to YouTube for parenting advice and more.

Gone are the days of the one-dimensional dad stereotype—modern fathers are committed to caring for their children, contributing to the household, and finding a positive work-life balance. To learn more about this multifaceted demographic, check out the full infographic below.
5 Things Every Brand Needs to Know About Marketing to Dads [Infographic]
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