YouTube Records 1.8 Billion Monthly Logged-In Users; Announces Few Developments

Back in 2017, YouTube had 1.5 billion monthly logged-in users. However, the number has now ballooned up to colossal 1.8 billion monthly logged-in users [at the time of writing this].

The announcement was made by YouTube’s CEO Susan Wojcicki at the company’s Brandcast event. It is pertinent to state that the aforementioned numbers do not includes the users who live stream videos on the website without an account.

Moving forward, Susan said that YouTube also plans to ‘double down’ on original YouTube Red content. There will be quite a few new shows which will be available soon for viewing. You can take a look at the description of the shows by clicking here. In addition, YouTube will also be introducing its Google Preferred advertisement system.

While answering a question, Susan affirmed that the company is hiring another 10,000 moderators to take down inappropriate and hateful content.

Image Source: TechhNews
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