Twitter Requests Its 336 Million Users To Reset Their Passwords

As a precautionary measure, Twitter has requested its 336 million users to reset their passwords. The appeal was forwarded after company discovered a bug which had the potential of storing passwords in its internal system.

According to Twitter, the bug has now been fixed. Moreover, the company also assured of zero indication of breach or misuse. However, Twitter would like its user to change their password only as a precaution. Furthermore, they also apologized to everybody for the hiccup which caused some disturbance.

Twitter Warns 336 Million Users to Change Their Passwords

The chief technology officer of Twitter, Parag Agarwal advised the users to reset their passwords besides also recommending to enable two-factor authentication. In addition, he also advised people to use a password manager to establish a strong, distinctive and difficult-to-predict passwords.

Featured image: Neon Revolt
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