The Trick To Zoom In Instagram Stories

It seems that today is something normal, but until not so long ago you could not zoom in Instagram photos. If you wanted to enlarge the image you had to take a screenshot and zoom in on it, which meant a very important loss in terms of quality. Today is something that exists natively in the app, but, unfortunately, only in the photos of the timeline. Stories, for now, cannot be extended. Or if. In this article, we're going to show you how to zoom into Instagram stories.

You will not need any third party application, root access or anything like that. You can do it directly from the settings of your mobile. In case you have the doubt, no, it will not warn the user that you have made a screen capture - because you are not doing it, basically. Is the idea cool? Well, let's go to the hack.

To be able to zoom in Instagram Stories you must go to Settings > Accessibility > Vision and, there, activate the option “Enlargement”.

This function is focused on the elderly can expand the entire Android interface to see better a small text, but can be used for any purpose. When you activate it, all you have to do is press three times in a row on the screen. You will see that the entire interface is extended and, at least to me in my Galaxy S7 edge, I see an orange box that indicates that the enlargement mode is activated.

Now you just have to go to Instagram, click on the icons of the stories and touch the screen three times when you see an image or video that you want to enlarge. If you want to zoom in you can pinch in or out without any problem, as if it were an image of the gallery. To move around the image, hold the screen with two fingers and slide. To exit the enlargement mode just tap another three times or press the back button.

Featured image: The Verge
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