Phone Number Is Not Required Anymore To Activate Two-Factor Authentication On Facebook

The recent announcement from Facebook is a great one. The platform has altogether altered the way of setting up two-factor authentication (2FA). The notion of new 2FA is to make the process transparent and organized besides. Moreover, one doesn’t require a phone number to set 2FA anymore on Facebook.

Formerly, the social giant used to activate 2FA through a phone number. However, Facebook will now allow apps like Duo Security and Google Authenticator. The platform also announced that the newer process to enable 2FA is a simpler one and the user-experience would be tremendous.

It is mandatory to state that Facebook made all these changes only two months after a bug was discovered in the earlier 2FA system. Previously, Facebook used to send a message from the automated number 36265 to enable 2FA. However, there were couple of issues with the system which were also admitted by Facebook. The usage of authenticator apps is generally a safer option in comparison to phone number.

This is how you can set up 2FA on your Facebook profile:

- Login to your account

- Tap on Settings

- Click of ‘Security and Login’

- Turn to that section which reads ‘Use two-factor authentication’

- Choose the form of authentication (phone number or 2FA) you would like to use

Image Source: TheVerge
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