21 Technology Tipping Points We Will Reach By 2030 - #infographic

What part of the future are you thrilled about? Self-driving cars? A connected home? Smart cities? Clothes that connect to the internet? 3D-printed cars? Robot pharmacists? Are we going too fast for you?

At this point, you’re probably overwhelmed with the feelings of excitement, shock, confusion, or all of them put together. We just don’t blame you a single bit of it. Technology’s evolution has come to the point where it’s no longer considered a luxury, but a necessity.

A report by the World Economic Forum’s Global Agenda Council on the Future of Software and Society Council revealed a list of technological ‘tipping points’ that are expected to mainstream in the next 10+ years.
21 technology tipping points we will reach by 2030 - #infographic

Infographic source: Designmantic.
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