Overcoming Challenges Of Cryptocurrency Marketing And Advertising - #infographic

Google and Facebook have announced bans on the advertising of cryptocurrency and related products, and this understandably has those working in the cryptocurrency space very concerned. Online advertising has been a boon for emerging startups in recent years, and many have a doomsday feeling about being unable to advertise in the space anymore. The good news is that the cause is far from hopeless - there are many different ways to get your message across to potential consumers.

Air drops are one of the great new ways that emerging cryptocurrency creators are getting the message out about their new currencies, but that is not the only option. Influencer marketing is playing a huge role in the cryptocurrency space with folks like John McAfee and Doug Polk sharing the news with their vast networks of followers. Traditional media buys are another option that is still open. Even content marketing is a great way to build trust with your audience - things like infographics and other graphic content are voraciously consumed on the Internet.

The name of the game is creativity. Just because sites are shutting down media buys doesn’t mean the situation is hopeless. There are always new and emerging ways to get your message across to consumers. We have already seen this play out in the legal cannabis market in the United States and that is a sector that has gotten very creative with both its business to business and its business to community marketing and advertising.

Learn more about the challenges for marketing and advertising cryptocurrency and related products from this infographic. Are you up to the challenge?
How to advertise cryptocurrency now that Facebook and Google markets are dead? - #infographic
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