Is YouTube Testing An Incognito Mode In Its Android App? The Answer Is...

Is YouTube Testing An Incognito Mode In Its Android App? The Answer Is...There was a time when you had to use several proxy sites and switch between browsers to privately surf the web. But things have changed now.

Now, there are several Incognito-enabled apps which ultimately empower the users to browse the internet without any fear of being traced.

Google Chrome has to be the first name when it comes to Incognito. However, in YouTube, you can alter your settings a fraction to relish the Incognito mode by tapping into the Settings > History & Privacy to enable the option. Moreover, a user can also sign out completely to use the application. Apparently, YouTube is looking to make things a little easier for the users by testing an Incognito mode in its Android app.

A user will have to tap on his/her account avatar in top right corner of the app to enable the Incognito mode. At present, a user could only see ‘switch account’ and sign out’ as the two different options. However, it is highly likely that they may soon be merged into one and another slot goes to Incognito mode.

Once the Incognito mode is turned on, the activities of a particular user cannot be tracked. Therefore, a user will have to switch or sign in from his account to be able to save the history and subscriptions.

Source: AndroidPolice | Featured Photo: GettyImages
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