How To Ace Your Next Job Interview - #infographic

Job hunting isn’t what it used to be. The process of interviewing and hiring a single candidate takes 23.8 days, on average, and include multiple interviews. At the highest unemployment peak of the Great Recession, job seekers faced fierce competition. Now, unemployment has dropped to 3.9%, but finding that next job is still difficult.

Employees leave companies for a variety of reasons, from seeking career advancement or more pay, to fleeing a poor work environment. Whatever their reasons, job seekers face competition from a younger workforce that hops between jobs more frequently than older generations. Workers between 20 and 34 stay at their job for less than three years, which means more competition for job seekers despite low unemployment.

A changing workforce isn’t the only thing making the job hunt more difficult. Internet job boards attract more applicants and new software filters through all those resumes to find the most qualified candidates. These new technologies have made cover letters nearly obsolete, and recruiters rarely read them. Social media sites are playing a bigger role in hiring as well, from professional networking sites like LinkedIn, to using Facebook to screen applicants.

With all these changes, job hunters are finding the process more lengthy and life-consuming than ever, and recruiters are struggling to find suitable candidates. Many of the basic tenets of interview remain the same: be on time, dress appropriately, and so on. But to get the job, candidates must be creative and well prepared.

Read this infographic to learn how to ace your next interview.
The Dos and Don’ts of Interviewing - #infographic
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