38 Amazing Facts About the Internet That You Need to Know - #infographic

You will already have noticed that the power of the Internet has been ever-increasing. We have quickly evolved into a digital-centric lifestyle where the Internet is integral in nearly any activity, from fitness monitoring through to ordering your weekly groceries.

For businesses, understanding the value that the Internet plays, is crucial to your business strategy, whether it is to make online sales or to raise brand awareness. So knowing the stats and facts about how far the Internet has come will be hugely beneficial for you as a businessperson but it also makes very interesting reading for those who appreciate technology.

For example, did you know that there are now over 4 billion Internet users across the world? That means that over half of the world’s population are now Internet users! There are also over 1.8 billion websites out there (as of April 2018) so we really do have the world at our fingertips in terms of online information and services.

Social media is instrumental in people’s everyday lives and is also a great marketing tool for businesses, so you might be keen to hear just how powerful it is. Facebook has over 2.2 billion monthly active users, making it the biggest and most dominant social media network out there.

In terms of search engines, it will come as no surprise that Google is the top of the list, given that people no longer say ‘search the internet’ they are more likely to say ‘Google it’, showing just how frequently the search engine is used in everyday life and conversation.

Going back to the business perspective, 80% of UK buyers will use online commerce research before they buy a product, so the Internet really does dictate consumer behaviour. Find out loads more interesting facts like this in this handy infographic, "Internet Facts and Statistics 2018".
Internet Facts and Statistics 2018 [INFOGRAPHIC]
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