8 Techniques To Reduce Stress In 15 Minutes - #infographic

In an age when stress is considered to be something of an epidemic and 72% of us feel stressed about money at least some of the time, it is remarkable that less than half of us engage in stress-reduction techniques to make our lives more manageable. We tend to get caught up in our worries and find ourselves trapped in a cerebral feedback loop, but in fact our mental wellbeing is connected with our physical habits. Breathing patterns, exercise or a change of routine can all be effective ways to externalize our pent-up worries and reboot our working minds.

It's no surprise that yoga is highly regarded as a stress-reduction technique, but while it can seem to be a big time commitment, simply taking a few moments to work on a key position can be a great release. On a similar note, progressive relaxation – tensing and releasing each muscle in turn from toes to brow - is another great method of reconnecting with our body and reducing the pressure on our mind.

If that sounds a bit too much like exertion, there are plenty of gentler ways to get us out of our heads. Coloring books for adults have become a real trend since the worldwide recession hit, and it’s no wonder when you consider how soothing yet creative the activity is, transporting us to a simpler time and furnishing us with engaging but easy-to-follow instructions. In case coloring-in is still too much activity, or it starts to lull us into a sleep, it is notable that napping is great for cortisol reduction, which will bring the body’s stress levels down.

Here’s a great new list of stress-reducing methods, each of which can be addressed in just a few minutes – so we’re not stressing further about productive time getting away from us. Perhaps the quickest and loveliest item on the list is the healing power of the hug: make sure it’s reciprocated, and the friendly embrace can be a stress cure for two.

8 Techniques To Reduce Stress In 15 Minutes - #infographic
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