Hundreds Of Smartphones Infected With Built-In Android Malware: Report

According to a latest report from Avast Threat Labs, a pre-installed Android malware has infected hundreds of diverse smartphones. As per the researchers, most of the devices which were infected were not certified by Google like Archos, myPhone and ZTE. A built-in adware was pre-installed in the affected smartphones and the users were seeing annoying stuff besides dissimilar popup ads. The reason why adware is difficult to remove is because it is installed on a firmware level.

This malware dysfunctionality is not something new as formerly Lenovo dispatched the ‘Superfish’ malware with its brand new PCs. That was one major scandal which impacted plenty of users.

Some of the countries which were essentially affected are France, Germany, Italy, Russia and The UK. Upon takedown request, Avast was quick to react as it disabled the dropper server. However, within no time, it was restored by utilizing another provider. According to the report, users are still complaining about the bad ads as the adware servers are still in operation.

Upon contacting Google regarding this very case, the tech giant stated:

“We have taken steps to mitigate the malicious capabilities of many app variants on several device models, using internally developed techniques”

Google was further of the view that Google Play Protect should be able to disable the dropper (if it is available) spontaneously.

One more technique to uninstall the payload is to install mobile antivirus software. However, you will have still to disable the dropper manually through your smartphone settings. You can have a crack on how to do that more effectively by clicking here.

Image Source: Engadget
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