In-Demand Careers In Cryptocurrency and Blockchain

With cryptocurrency making headlines every week and new coins being created every day, someone has to be behind this massive machine. Despite being a relatively new career field , crypto positions often require the same skills that any traditional tech position would. Tech writers, content marketers, and business developers all have a place in crypto, but 70% of the positions are held by technical and engineering fields.

Blockchain engineers face the unique responsibility of maintaining blockchain networks, the computer tech that powers cryptocurrency. This position demands a professional understanding of digital security and well as fluency in several coding languages. Tech engineers and developers are essential to keeping crypto powered, but community managers know there’s more to it than that. The heavily social and internet-based users that take advantage of crypto are almost as mysterious as the coins themselves; maintaining positive interactions between business and consumer is vital. Positions like Meme Specialist have cropped up, the responsibilities being pretty much what you’d imagine. Even legal positions and unique compliance offer positions are in development to help keep crypto companies in the clear when it comes to legal and financial laws. This job particular position poses many difficulties as the laws and regulations applied to crypto are still being developed and changed.

With any professional field, especially one as new as crypto, it’s wise to know the challenges that come with the industry before jumping in. With crypto in particular, traditional currency paychecks may not be a priority. Employees may be offered equity, partial ownership in the company, or tokens as forms of payment. But for those willing to brave unknown territory, specialized job sites like Upwork and AngelList, are the places to find your crypto dream job.

Considering a job in the cryptocurrency sector? Take a look at this infographic from Coin List for more on the growing industries within crypto and what it takes to make a career of it.
Crypto Careers – Cryptocurrencies Helping the Jobs Market - #infographic
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