Facebook Eases App Removal Process From Privacy Settings

Amid Facebook’s recent privacy scandal, plenty of users headed to their Facebook privacy settings. Their notion was to further tighten the security so that third-party apps cannot access their data. However, prior to the recent controversy, users took an eternity to remove the apps as it used to get deleted one by one.

Facebook’s latest release has made life much easier as users can now select as many apps from the list and remove them all at once. It is noteworthy to state that this feature has already been rolled out to both mobile and desktop users. In addition to the aforementioned alterations, Facebook also gives an option of deleting the posts if any of the apps have made on your behalf.

The social giant did not give this option of ‘select all’. Therefore, a user will have to tap on an app individually in order to get it removed.

Image Source: TechCrunch
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