This Infographic Depicts How Pinterest Influences Purchase Behavior

As many as 200 million users are active on Pinterest on monthly basis. Subsequently, the platform plays a vital role in the purchase behavior of the Pinners. A study in 2016 revealed that 93% of the Pinners use the social platform to plan or for making purchases.

Not too long ago, Pinterest conducted a research of over 4,000 weekly Pinners to discover about their purchasing habits.

Some of the key findings were:

1- 90% of the weekly Pinners use the platform for making purchase decision

2- 78% of the Pinners believe that the content is significant and valuable

3- 66% use Pinterest to purchase something after seeing a brand’s Pins’

4- 59% use the platform to discover more about their purchases

You can take a look at further investigation in the following infographic:

Pinterest Releases New Data on How the Platform Influences Purchase Behavior [Infographic]

Image Source: SocialMediaToday

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