Facebook Made 98% Of Its Revenue In 2017 Through Advertising

Some of the biggest tech giants including Apple, Facebook and Google etc. make money through diversified portfolios and that their source of revenue varies from other companies.

In 2017, Apple, Amazon, Facebook, Google and Microsoft turned over whopping $650 billion. Although all of them are in the same industry; however, their source of revenue is different from one another.

Following is the main source of revenue of 5 biggest tech companies in 2017:

1- Apple’s revenue: $229.2 billion – 81% revenue through hardware

2- Amazon’s revenue: $177.9 billion – 82% revenue through retail

3- Google’s revenue: $110.9 billion – 86% revenue through advertising

4- Microsoft’s revenue: $90 billion – 62% revenue through software

5- Facebook’s revenue: $40.7 billion – 98% revenue through advertising

Source: Statista
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