Work/Life Balance in the Modern Era (Infographic)

Is it even possible to strike a balance between working life and home or family life these days? Smart phones have brought us many wonders, but they seem to have ruined the family dinner. Today 40% of American workers say that it is completely acceptable to return work emails at the dinner table, while the other 57% say that technology has ruined the modern family dinner. Who is right?

It’s OK to blur the lines between work life and home and family life as long as you do it in a reasonable way. Flexibility is probably one of the greatest things new technology has brought us. Trading a life where you have to have your body in a chair for a set number of hours a week for a life where you can change your schedule when needed and telecommute once in a while to save on commute times can bring greater balance to your life.

American workers are still stuck in the 9 to 5 routine, and unfortunately that means encroachments on their home life are in addition to that. The work day in America is steadily creeping up, and most people believe they have a responsibility to answer work emails at all hours. It can seem like the work day never ends.

There are real consequences to this. In the short term morale can suffer and turnover can increase at work, while at home you can miss out on important family events. In the long run you could suffer from anxiety or depression.

Learn more about restoring work/life balance from this infographic!
Work/Life Balance in the Modern Era (Infographic)
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