The State of Social Media Marketing 2018

How companies are leveraging Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other social media channels?

To find the answer, the folks at Buffer and Social Media Week surveyed more than 1,700 marketers and created the State of Social Media report.

The insights from the report reveals how digital marketers are approaching social media marketing.

Here are some key takeaways:

In messaging space there are huge opportunities (for marketing messaging app used by only 20% of marketers)

Those companies who invest in advertising are more likely to say that for their business social media marketing is very effective.

Different answers was given by respondents regarding effectiveness of social media marketing

To measure ROI, engagement is number one way from social media advertising

How social media platforms used by marketers: Key stats to know

For marketers Facebook is still a prominent and leading platform (Facebook used by 96% of businesses)

Facebook organic reach is continuously declining (in past 12 months only 21% respondents haven’t noticed a drop)

For 2018 video is top priority (85 percent business would like to create)

Paid advertising space is dominated by Facebook (Facebook ads used by 94% of marketers)

Most shared type of content is images (on social media channels 95% of businesses post images)

The Growth of stories (in 2018 68 percent marketers plans to create more stories)

Until now live video has not caught (live video broadcast by only 3 in 10 marketers)

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