Facebook Flourishes In Q4 2017 Despite Sluggish Daily User Growth

Facebook continues to grow financially as it has exceeded the expectations by registering amplified gains in Q4 2017 despite sluggish and slowest daily user growth ever.

The number of daily users in Q4 were 1.4 billion (up by 2.18%) while 1.37 billion (3.8%) users were recorded in Q3. This is the lowest ever Q2Q percentage reported by Facebook.

It is pertinent to mention that Facebook did implement quite a few changes of late including that of displaying fewer viral videos which according to the CEO of Facebook Mark Zuckerberg, ‘reduces a time of nearly 50 million hours per day on Facebook’. There was a deterioration of 700,000 users alone from the US and Canada region.

The monthly user count of Facebook has raked up to 2.13 billion (up by 3.39%) in the Q4. These numbers obviously grew from 2.06 billion users in Q3 in comparison to 3.19% growth in that particular quarter.

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