How to Build a Better Social Media Marketing Strategy

How to Build a Better Social Media Marketing Strategy

As the page is turned to 21st century, technology has brought so many changes to our lives although we were satisfied with what we had, these changes are warmly welcomed and adopted for the better and progressed life. The concept of Social media marketing is one of the changed perceptions. In previous century, marketing meant to show a 30 seconds ad to viewers to let them know about the products offered. The main reason behind was less competition constricted variety of choices available. Now it is not that simple, the strategies are quite changed. You not only need to present your product in a way that it is proved better than others of the same family quality wise, competitive price range and advantages comprised. You not only need to gain their attention, but also make them trust upon you that if they choose you, they are picking the best out of available products in market.

Here we are stating a few main points which you must consider while planning your marketing strategy.

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Know what your Mission is:

The first and foremost rule of a successful marketing strategy is that you must know what your product is about. You must understand well that what your aim is to sale the product you have introduced to consumer. Famous brands have clearly defined their mission and they are successful e.g. Apple, stands for style, Red Bull stands for Exciting life style and KFC stands for Finger licking taste

Try Observing your Competitors:

There is a great misconception amongst the marketers that if they want to get success, they must try to be original. Originality is important, but quality is more valuable. If someone is working amazingly for a product with original brand name, you can definitely not snatch his market suddenly by offering same material at same price at the same time. But if you will offer something that is even more better than that, you cannot be ignored for so long. Consumer will start noticing you and once you are noticed, the game is in your hands. So if you are planning to start things from scrap just to own the tag of being original, (chances are) you are at the greatest risk of being flop. Beside this, if you have a sharp instinct of noticing what your competitor is offering, what has been beneficial for them, what is the loose end of their services, what profit they are taking and how much it can be compensated, you can use these points to offer a better product than of those. Don’t be afraid of being called fake, a consumer is a great examiner because he is the one to spend his resources. You will be called fake only when you are trying to copy some brand with lower quality. No matter how less you are demanding, if you are compromising on quality, people will never trust you.

Try Building a Community:

Now here comes the main focus of Social marketing strategy that what you actually need to promote your brand successfully. Keep one thing in mind that you are not just collecting people who like your page, or follow your twitter account. You have to build a strong community who loves to interact with you because of the stuff you share. You have to maintain their interest level by posting content, offers, news and things like that on a regular basis. Always keep your Q/A corner open for those who want to ask questions about your product. Do not just shower your followers with absurd, monotonous messages, it will force them to unfollow you. Just post the content which can be valued and your community would love to read. Be interactive and honor your audience.

These points are important for those who want to do something effective than traditional media marketing. You have to strengthen up the relationship between you and your audience. It is not always possible to hear positive from your customers, make sure to take their criticism as the tool of improvement for your product. Remember! Smart marketers always listen to what their customers have to say about their products, so be open-minded, positive and practical towards the reviews.

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