8 Best Online Businesses to Start This Year

8 Best Online Businesses to Start This Year

Work for yourself without renting office space by starting an online business. Sell your skills, your expertise, or your crafts by filling an online niche for an industry or a community. It's amazing how you can figure out how to sell what you're good at if you just find the right angle. Become a purveyor of your skills or teach other people what you know, and start making money.

SEO Specialist

Do you understand how long-tail keywords and link building work? Lots of businesses need help with SEO to improve their search engine rankings. A lot more than keywords goes into SEO, and if you have a knack for using Google Analytics and scoring leads, then you might just fit the bill as an SEO specialist or consultant.

You have a couple options here: you can create web courses that business owners and managers can buy to learn more about SEO, or you can hire out your skills to improve the SEO of a business' website and social media posts. Do a little of both, and see if you hit a niche.

Teacher, Tutor, or Trainer

Share your knowledge about an industry by creating an online presence as an industry teacher. Practice creating webinars, and design a few online courses. Let people sign up, and impart to them your knowledge. A good blog is a great way to show people your expertise so they realize they want to know more about what you have to say.

Setting up as a teacher for things most businesses need, like coding languages or SEO practices, is a great way to start. You can also work remotely for companies who need people to train their employees on how to use specific softwares.

Ecommerce Retailer

For those who are crafty or inventive, making and selling products online is one of the best new ways to start an online business. You can set up your own online store via your website, or you can sell through a website like Etsy. Either way, you have to start by figuring out how to price and advertise your products. You also must look into your supply chain and your production time so you know how much you can make and sell at once.

If you need a little monetary help getting your eCommerce business up and running, think about getting some working capital. Many companies offer these short-term loans at reasonable rates, so you'll be able to get the funds you need to start making more of your great products.

Freelance Writer

In the era of content marketing, freelance writers are in high demand. People who can write persuasively and energetically, or match a lot of different tones, can make great freelance writers. You must be able to discern what a client needs in a blog and website, even if the client doesn't actually know what would help. Be able to write on a variety of topics, and work on honing your research skills. Learning some SEO doesn't go amiss for freelance writers, either, because a lot of content marketing is intertwined with SEO.

The best part about freelance writing is the control you have. You can go after clients, submit articles to markets, or write pieces for blogs that accept submissions. Lots of websites take writer submissions, and you can build a portfolio until even the top business and industry sites will consider your writing.

Web Designer

All the online businesses on this list are going to need a website, so if you're good at coding or graphic design, then web design is a great online business to start. Identify a niche of businesses that need help with their websites, and then create a portfolio of web designs that fit those industries. Your style will help you figure out what kind of businesses to target.

You can also focus on helping bloggers create bespoke blog designs. An understanding of how WordPress works goes a long way when doing web design for bloggers and small businesses.

Tax Preparer

Got an interest in numbers? Tax preparers are always in demand, especially during tax season. You have to get certified to become a tax preparer, and people who are already accountants will have a leg up off the bat. But tax preparation is something you can do completely online, so you never have to leave your living room if you don't want to.

The hours will get crazy during tax season, and it's not always the most interesting profession. But tax preparers make good hourly wages, and the more experience you get under your belt, the more you can charge for your services.

IT Specialist

You can work remotely as an IT consultant or specialist for flexible hours and good pay. Many small businesses need part-time IT help but don't require full-time employees to be in the office. You can give almost all IT help remotely, so if you've got a computer science degree or are just good at fixing computers, IT specialist work might be your calling.

You can start this business by applying for remote IT jobs to get some experience. Working as an independent contractor will help you develop relationships with businesses who need IT help.

Social Media Manager

A social media presence is so important for small businesses, but many businesses don't have the staff resources they need to truly devote enough attention to social media accounts. A social media manager helps businesses build leads and gain followers by replying to customer queries, creating great posts, and promoting goods and services. You need a working knowledge of all social media, and you need to be adaptable and friendly. Being able to show customers how your work is improving their sales is a good idea, too, so get comfortable with a program like Google Analytics.

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5 Best Online Businesses to Start This Year (Infographic)

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These businesses give you flexibility. Maybe you need a little cash and only want to work part time with a few clients. Perhaps you're looking to quit your job, in which case you may wish to go full throttle and develop one of these online businesses into a thriving enterprise.
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