Back to Basics: Content Marketing Alphabet [Infographic]

Back to Basics: Content Marketing Alphabet [Infographic]

It's not hard to get lost and drowned in the sea of content that is available online in every second of every day. There has been 2 million new pieces of content published every day back in 2015, and we can only imagine how big that number is today, in 2017. So, how does one “swim out” of the water and sails away into the sun?

Going back to the basics is always a good idea, and reading through an alphabet is a great way to do it. The below infographic is here to help with that, with a selection of key terms in content marketing that even the experts with years of experience might forget about and could use them in every day struggles.

As it always is, the letter A is the beginning, the core of the whole alphabet - and in content marketing it is about the Audience. Those are the people you create the content for and who need to like it, consume it and, ideally, share it around.

To reach the audience, you are creating content, which the basis of any content marketing campaign. Marketers and website owners these days are still mostly using blogging as the best way to create and publish content. They use editorial calendars to plan and arrange their content marketing strategy, and come up with ideas for types of content that will be created – from blogs to infographics and videos.

After the content is created, it's time for promotion, which these days is mostly done through social media channels like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, where it's important to monitor hashtags, join in conversations and groups and, after a while, retarget your whole campaign. Just like in good old alphabet, every term in this content marketing alphabet can be connected to another one to create a meaningful “sentence”, or in this case a great content marketing strategy.

Infographic courtesy of: Pointvisible.
Back to Basics: The ABC's of Content Marketing [Infographic]

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