Color Psychology In Branding: Industry Colors Explained [Infographic]

Color in Branding: What Does it Say About Your Industry?

Colour psychology has become a vital part of branding and logo design in modern commerce. With 80% of visual information from logos coming from colour alone, careful attention must be paid to the message that each choice is likely to convey to the viewer.

This infographic, created by Towergate Insurance, analyses the logos of 520 companies. It identifies their colour preferences and explores the emotional responses that these logos may be designed to provoke.

Moreover, the same colour is thought to generate varying responses depending on the industry it appears in. Take, for example, the colour red. Used in the restaurant industry, it is an attention-grabbing colour and is even thought to stimulate hunger. The same colour used in the airline industry, however, is used to convey a sense of warmth and caring - something that is deemed an essential quality of any airline.

The communication industry predominantly uses blue to promote a sense of clear communication and mental clarity. In the pharmaceutical industry, blue signifies well-being, as it is often associated with cleanliness and health.

With this in mind, it pays to familiarise yourself with the values that your brand considers the most important and choose your colour scheme accordingly.

Company logos - how colours persuade you to trust a brand [Infographic]

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