Mobile Marketing – Important Tools & Tricks to Reach the Targeted Audience

Mobile Marketing – Important Tools & Tricks to Reach the Targeted Audience

Over the last couple of years, a lot of consumers are moving to mobile at a rate that there is no sign of slowing down. Across the world, there are more than 1 billion devices that used in the year 2012, as per the Strategy Analytics.

Day-by-day, the more number of people are using mobile phones to connect with the business; therefore, it is important to boost the efforts of marketing to these mobile consumers on the devices they are using.

When it comes to talking about the mobile marketing, it is the wide term, which includes different areas viz. mobile advertising, mobile analytics, responsive designing template, mobile app creation and more. With the advent of new technology, it is essential for the digital marketers to updated and comprise those technologies into the marketing strategy.

How Does Mobile Marketing Work?

As you know that mobile marketing consists of ads, which display on mobile smartphones, tablets, and other mobile devices. The mobile marketing ad formats, customization, and styles vary as there are lots of social media platforms, websites and mobile apps that deliver their own unique mobile ad options.

Why You Require a Mobile Marketing Strategy?

For the same reason that you need a computer and wi-fi access, your business needs a mobile marketing strategy and this is the age, in which we live. As per the recent study reports, approximately 40% of users’ internet time is spent on mobile devices that mean merely ignoring the rise of mobile just is not an option.

Here are some of the interesting mobile marketing statistics:
Approximately 80% of mobile device time in spent on applications with game apps taking the biggest percent of app time.

People are browsing 70% more web pages on tablets compare to smartphones.

The retail conversion rates are 2.2% on tablets that is higher than 0.7% on smartphones; however, traditional PC conversion rates are still highest at 3.3%.

Handy statistics and infographic on smartphone and app usage for your mobile marketing strategy
Infographic source: Digitalturbine.

2017’s Top Mobile Marketing Tools

Talking about mParticle, it is a customer data platform (CDP) for mobile applications. This tool helps you to pull data from different sources like mobile apps and external data warehouses. Then it enables users to access that raw data with different tools. The data can be used for marketing activities like messaging or A/B testing.

When mParticle compares to the traditional analytics platforms, it gives clients more control over their data. The software will allow users to sync data from websites to cloud apps in addition to mobile apps that is important for products that have non-app offerings.

App Annie
App Annie is the most popular business intelligence tool for mobile applications that allows detailed insight into apps listen on the major app stores like historical ranking, user demographics, keywords, and more.

The company is offering a free analytics solution that in turn helps power the proprietary data used in its business intelligence offering. This is one such platform that is trusted by more than 800 app publishers for analyzing app store, advertising and in-app analytics data to track their 1 million applications and more than $1 billion in consumer spend per month.


Appcues is a mobile marketing platform which is known for mainly focusing on the user onboarding experience. The tool delivers high-end features, including customized welcome messages, tips-of-the-day for new users, A/B testing on the whole onboarding process.

The product’s personalization tools enable for a more customized onboarding experience for each user. This tool is matter as user onboarding is the main key to retention. Growth is important, but your acquisition spend will be lost if it doesn’t drive long-term engaged users.

During the onboarding process, if new users get lost and don’t discover the true value of your app, there is a chance that they will fall latent. So, this tool can help you engage people from the get-go.

Flurry is a mobile advertising platform, enabling companies to develop, measure, and monetize mobile applications in new app company. The tool will help you to optimize mobile experience through better apps and more personal ads.

Being a free tool, it used by numerous developers to track user data as it is so ubiquitous and it can be found in 400,000 apps on 1.2 billion devices all over the world. So, on average, each device is running about 7 to 10 applications that means the company can gather as much as 3 terabytes of data each day.

AppsFlyer is the leading mobile add attribution platforms. The company has proudly explained that it doesn’t have any issues of interest in the ad ecosystem – they can’t purchase or sell ads, and they only wanted to use their data internally.

Across mediums, it is quite difficult to track user behavior such as when the person hops from mobile web to a mobile app to make a purchase. This tool will help mobile teams to connect the dots between customer touchpoints to determine, where purchases, installs, and other key events that are coming from.

Leanplum is an integrated mobile marketing platform, and the service offered by it combines everything that mobile teams need to improve user retention, comprising automation, messaging, A/B testing, analytics, personalization, and more.

It means, you can easily tempt your users back to your application with push notifications, and then optimize the in-app experience. The software controls all the features with the same body of analytics and user segments, so mobile teams can avoid this data silos.

Advanced Mobile Marketing Tricks to Get Targeted Audience

Try to Mobilize Your Audience Building

With the mobile web grows in importance, it will be difficult to have an effective audience-building effort built into your mobile website.

You can audit it whatever you are doing now from an email and social opt-in/promotional position, and you can also share the findings with your mobile team. There is no excuse of a smaller screen for abandoning subscriber, fan, and follower acquisition efforts.

Consider Location-based Marketing

Location-based marketing is the highly popular way of marketing for both businesses and consumers. It will do nothing but eliminates inappropriate ads by showing the consumers with promotions based on the current location.

This high-way of marketing will use geofencing, Wi-Fi, beacons, and Bluetooth to show promotions on the current location. You need to think creatively if you are stuck to select your location to send customers promotions. Instead of sending customers notifications when looking for a nearby store, you can send them promotions and deals when they are near locations.

Social Media Messaging

In the recent times, messaging alternatives to text messages are becoming highly popular for communication. As per the report by Ad Week cities, over 49% of mobile users in the US use messaging apps monthly.

Among all the messaging apps, Facebook Messenger is a highly recognized app and widely used by people worldwide. This type of messaging experience seamless integrations with already popular social media networks.

Moreover, they also allow users to send information back and forth swiftly over the Internet as opposed to traditional text messaging. Therefore, such messaging apps are considered as best for communicating between brands and consumers.

Make Sure That You Don’t Forget NFC

As we all know that marketers have their eyes on NFC (near-field-communications). This high-end technology enables you to swipe your phone next to a sensor to make a payment or get more information from a vendor.

There are various companies that are trying hard to figure out what to do with this – and there are some hardware and technological hurdles to overcome, but it is a right wave of the mobile marketing.

Targeting New Device Owners for Holiday Marketing

As per the mobile marketing expert, you should leverage varied devices that are obtainable in the market after the holiday season. It will prove effective for you to target new Google Play and iOS registrations to precisely reach new device owners.

In any case, if you have worked with different brands, you have noticed it that they feature messaging targeted directly to the new device owner. These types of offers include a free app download for the new iPhone, holiday or vacation deals for your new smartphone, etc. Experts have suggested a sense of urgency and include a time-limited offer as it is a holiday marketing.

Video Will Redefine Mobile Engagements

There are many new ways of upcoming the mobile ad unit that are driving a focus on major ideas like non-intrusive mobile experience, ad delivery, dynamically animated and adhesive banners and more.

In the upcoming years, mobile video ad-spend is estimated to exceed $6 to 7 billion by the end of 2017. It means this year will be the main moment for mobile app marketing to capture its share of resulting media allocations.

Above-mentioned mobile marketing tools and tricks will help you out in reaching your targeted audience in the definite time. You can use these mentioned tools and apply tricks to market your app and make it successful.

In case, if you are facing any difficulty or wanted to customize your application, you can get in touch a zealous mobile app development company that has professional mobile app developers to comprehend your requirements and deliver an outstanding solution.

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