Videos: Smartest Way To Promote Your Brand (infographic)

How Your Videos Can Become a Search Engine’s Best Friend (infographic)

Do you know, apart from the Facebook marketing, infographic marketing, blog writing, there is an another smart way to market your brand?

In order to grab the attention of audience, video marketing is the best medium to promote your product or service.

According to Wyzowl survey, 60% entrepreneurs have used video as their marketing tool. Around 91% entrepreneurs have planned to spend time and money on video marketing in this year.

If your target is to reach maximum number of viewers, it is imperative to make your video content engaging. Taking simple steps like using title and descriptions with relevant keywords, adding closed captions, transcripts, subtitles increase the chances of virality. Only adding closed captions increases video popularity by more than 13% just in a week. There are several ways to make your brand popular but video promotion is the best among all the ways.

Promoting your brand through videos are not enough, videos should be reached maximum numbers of audience and it is possible when it appears on the Home page of YouTube. For this, you need to optimize your video. The keywords, titles, sub-title should be chosen carefully that can bring a lot of traffic in an organic way.

Check out this infographic from Take1 Transcription for more tips on how to amplify the reach of your videos (plus, loads of amazing stats and facts).

How Your Videos Can Become a Search Engine’s Best Friend (infographic)
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