How To Use Visual Social Media to Promote Your Business

How To Use Visual Social Media to Promote Your Business

Visual Social media sites are a perfect resource for promoting business online. These platforms are free to use, which make them so popular today. If you decide to market your business on social media, it doesn’t mean it should be everywhere. It’s good to choose the right platform, which would work best specifically for your kind of business. If you want to create a successful digital growth strategy, it’s important to familiarize yourself with all available social networks. You should also understand what kind of audience you’ll be able to reach with a particular network. Here are some of the most popular platforms, used today by many brands to promote their business.


Instagram is a visual platform, which is completely based on a photo and video posts. This network is owned by Facebook and it has amore than 500 million users. The majority of them usually post about travel, clothing, food, art, fashion etc. Instagram is famous for its unique editing options to filter photos and videos. In comparison with other platforms, this one is almost mobile.

Depending on your business, Instagram can bring you some benefits. If you want to obtain success with this social media, it’s important that a person, who runs your account, has a very good eye to details and possesses basic photography skills – this would assure that all the photos posted from your account are of high-quality.

25 Stats You Need to Know About Instagram [INFOGRAPHIC]

25 Stats You Need to Know About Instagram [INFOGRAPHIC]
Source: MainStreetHost.

To promote your business on Instagram, you should concentrate on the following:
  1. Focusing on visuals
  2. High-quality content
  3. Use hashtags
  4. Apply advertising

Instagram business plan:
  1. Create Instagram strategy
  2. Make up your brand
  3. Download Instagram on your app
  4. Start posting


    This platform has a lot of bulletin boards, which allow users saving and displaying their favorite content in the form of pins. The boards can be created and organized according to the categories. For example, if you like cooking, you may have a food board, where you can pin your favorite recipes. Pinterest is visually oriented on its users. This social media may not for work for all kind of businesses. The majority of its users are women. The most popular pin categories include:
    1. DIY
    2. Beauty
    3. Food
    4. Fashion
    5. Photography
    6. Exercise

    Pinterest business plan:
    1. Creating a profile
    2. Make your profile a business account
    3. Complete your profile
    4. Verify your blog or website
    5. Add Pinterest Rich Pins on your website
    6. Set up boards
    7. Start pinning

    5 Tips for Smarter Pinterest Marketing

    5 Tips for Smarter Pinterest Marketing - infographic
    Source: Revampcrm.

    Pinterest business advice:
    1. Pin only high-quality images
    2. Share good content
    3. Study your target market
    4. Follow Pinners with the similar interests
    5. Always like and comment their posts
    6. Add a widget on your website to show that you are on Pinterest

    6 Shocking Statistics about Pinterest That You Probably Didn’t Know

    6 Shocking Statistics about Pinterest That You Probably Didn’t Know - infographic
    source: RCRM Blog

    If you have a business, which works in all above mentioned areas, Pinterest can become a perfect marketing tool for you. There are also available Promoted Pins – a paid advertising for business owners. Due to them, you can promote all your best pins, simultaneously target a specific audience. Do not forget tracking how your ads perform. Сreating different kind of content is one more good step in promoting business on Pinterest. To make the campaign more successful, we recommend including videos from YouTube, SoundCloud audios, and SlideShare slideshows.

    One of the best ways to use Pinterest for promoting your business is to create a group board. It will give you a chance inviting users for pinning your board. To attract more people to your posts, make them truly inspiring. Do not also forget including keywords into a board name. Due to this they will become more findable and will get higher positions in the results.

    There is also “the About” section, where you are allowed writing 200 characters about your business. It’s recommended using them very carefully. Check which keywords would attract the most of visitor’s attention. Make the text easy to read, do not overload it. Your business description should be clear and relevant to get all the advantages of SEO.


    Without any doubts, Tumblr is the most difficult social media platform, especially for business aims. In spite of this, it’s very interesting. Tumblr offers you several kinds of post formats:

    1. Text posts
    2. Quote posts
    3. Chat posts
    4. Photo posts
    5. Video posts
    6. Audio posts

    Tumblr provides you with a wide range of choices, concerning the content you want to choose for promoting your business. Currently, there are more than 300 million registered accounts on the platform. To advertise your business on Tumblr, you may use the following tools:

    1. Sponsored posts
    2. Sponsored video posts
    3. Sponsored blogs
    4. Sponsored day
    5. Radar posts

    According to the comScore – internet analytics service - the approximate age of Tumblr users is 25 or less. So, if your business is targeting the youth market, it’s really worth a shot.

    Why Tumblr Matters to Marketing - Infographic

    Why Tumblr Matters to Marketing [Infographic]
    Source: Webpagefx.

    In comparison with Facebook, Tumblr posts can be easily identified by search engines. It means that all your posts are indexed by Google, which can improve their overall ranking. Moreover, you can post all the links to your website or blog, thus generating more traffic and improving SEO. Tumblr also offers you do-follow links, which means other bloggers can easily re-blog your posts and you would suddenly get a lot of links to your website.

    Tumblr business advice:
    1. Create high-quality content
    2. Create long posts from time to time
    3. Use tags
    4. Communicate with other Tumblr users
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