8 Social Media Groups You Should Know About

8 Social Media Groups You Should Know About

If you're in marketing you may have noticed the personalization trend that is occurring. Marketers are personalizing their message, landing pages, links, newsletters, and emails based on who they are targeting. They do this not because they enjoy the extra work, but because it improves conversions.

Personalization appeals to people because they feel they’re being heard and the business understands them. In order to list the best social media groups or communities that you need to know about, we need to break down why they would be important to you. Are you looking to network with others in the industry? Are you an established social media professional who wants to learn new skills or best practices? Or do you work in another industry and want to know what all this social media hubbub is about?

Best Social Media Groups or Communities for Networking

Secret Team
This private Facebook group founded by Chris Brogan (author of multiple best-selling social media books) looks to connect professionals seeking to do the work they want, in a better way. It’s focused on connecting people who can help one another.

Become a Social Media Manager
This is a closed Facebook group led by Rachel Pederson who went from being a hairstylist to a social media marketer. The group is a great place to network with other social media managers or learn how to make your SMM career dreams come true.

Owner’s Mastery Foundation Group
This paid membership group by Chris Brogan is more of a life coach for business leaders opportunity that encompasses daily emails and inspiration and membership into a private online community for other business owners or those who own their approach to life.

Best Social Media Group and Communities for Advanced Learning

Boom! Social Inner Circle
Kim Garst is a social media guru, speaker, and author who offers tons of free resources for small business owners who want to create a social business. But the Inner Circle is her paid membership community that includes a private Facebook group and training videos. While novices are welcome, this tends to be a group that already knows a little something about social and wants to learn more.

Social Media Strategy

This is a private Google+ group that you have to ask to join. Social media professionals share best practices in this advanced social media strategy community.

Mari Smith’s Inner Circle
Mari Smith is a social media keynote speaker and author. This is her paid community. Membership includes invitation-only monthly webinars, how-to recordings and lessons, and private online community access.

Best Resources for Beginners

If you’re a beginner in social media, check out these groups:

The Social Classroom with Phyllis Khare
Phyllis shares a lot of free resources on this Facebook page. Simple things you can update in minimal time and more complex video instruction.

Social Media Today’s Toolbox
This Google+ group isn’t just for beginners. It covers the spectrum of users and skill levels. In the community, they share best practices and tips for managing social media today.

What’s missing from this list? Are you a part of any communities, group or chat you’d like to share?

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