How To Design A Business Website That Stands Out (infographic)

How To Design A Business Website That Stands Out (infographic)

There are currently over 1 billion websites available on the internet. This is literally the number of websites you are going up against. They’re all trying to attract new users and secure top place in both the search engine results page and in overall unique daily visitors. Having a website that accurately not only represents and promotes your brand and business but also be interesting enough so it supports a decent conversion rate has become more important than it ever was before.

Following the competition means that you will always be one step behind. This leads to becoming either invisible or irrelevant when compared to your competitors. Creating a design capable of captivating the user’s attention in the sea of similar content can only be accomplished by taking risks. That said, there are some design tips and techniques which have persevered over time and are still being used by industry professionals to make their websites remain relevant. Here are some tips you can use to make your business website stand out more.

Mobile Optimization and Functionality 

Over a half of all internet traffic has become mobile. When the customer considers purchasing, they are more likely to move from their mobile device, which is mostly used for browsing, to a desktop, where they’ll finish the purchase. Customers expect that websites not only make that transition with them but also make it a seamless experience. Having a responsive design doesn’t only make the website look good on small screens, but also needs to ensure that the entire experience is as user-friendly as possible.

Make a Custom Template

Whether you’re using your website for promotion or e-commerce, there are multiple templates which can be used for both purposes. But these templates are readily available, which means that other competing businesses may be choosing from the same templates. To avoid competing with another company over who sports the same template better, try customizing your template as much as you can. Moving page elements and changing colors are an easy-to-use fix, especially in today’s era of drag and drop editors.

Implement Good SEO Practices

One of the best sure-proof ways of getting your website noticed by the average Joe is to make sure it comes up first or at least gets displayed in the top five results in the search engine results page. This is accomplished by optimizing page titles, images, and product descriptions. Not only that but the very words on your page and the way other sites link to you on the internet greatly influence where your website will be positioned in the search results. If you have the time and the patience, this is something that you can do by yourself, however, if this is a topic on which you literally know nothing about, then hiring a professional may be the best option.

Integrate a well thought-out database

Taking advantage of built-in integrations that forward the information between apps is crucial for businesses which use specialized software. Accounting tools, CRMs, and inventory management software can be used with a good user-database to avoid duplicate entries and the eliminate the need for hiring additional staff. For example, you could make your website automatically feed the signups into the lead generation database, or feed into an inventory system to make sure an item is removed from the list as soon as it’s purchased, in case you own an online store.

Use a larger typeface

One of the many things the best e-commerce websites share is the use of large font sizes. Using large text on your website allows for the designer to narrow down the wording more easily. Making the font bigger leaves less room for clutter. The customers need a clear view of what your website is offering to them and they won’t be bothered with reading an entire article dedicated to a single product. Large font, coupled with large directional arrows are the best way of drawing the customer’s attention exactly where you want it. Furthermore, directional arrows, when combined with a good color pallet can make the navigation through your e-commerce website way easier to grasp and follow.

Bonus infographic:

How to Make Websites and Influence People

How to Make Websites and Influence People – Infographic

Source: Ssls.

Bottom Line

Every brand and business requires a high-quality website to prosper in today’s cutthroat marketplace. Using the right approach and knowledge you can design an effective, and more importantly an engaging website without actually having to hire a team of professional developer. That said, some design practices are best left to the experts, so make sure to way out your options before deciding on whether you’ll DIY it or call in someone with more practical experience. Simply burying your website under large fonts and huge buttons won’t get you noticed by the general populace, as it won’t get picked up by the search engines. Everything you use needs to have a purpose, whether it’s icons, fonts, colors, etc.

Author bio:
John Stone is a business consultant at Nirmal Web Design and SEO Newcastle. Through years of experience, he became a devout believer in the notion that form should always follow function and that developing the ability to think outside of the box is a prerequisite of being a successful entrepreneur.
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